Trompe L'Oeil Facade Mural
The Newbury Street Mural, Boston MA
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3. Newbury St. Mural - legend

Occupying Pride-of-Place on Newbury Street in Boston's Historic Back Bay, this urban landmark is one of our best known and loved murals.


Designed by Joshua Winer, Master of Trompe L"Oeil Illusionism, the Newbury Street Mural is an imaginative painted facade bursting with period details and character. The upper section of the mural is a tribute to the artistic and cultural history of the city. The cafe scene at the bottom features portraiture of more than 100 prominent Bostonians. 

This mural demonstrates the full potential for using trompe l'oeil architectural painting to create a work of art that transforms a blank city wall into a masterful work of public art.