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Boston’s Masonic Temple Mural

Historical Mural on Canvas


The history of American Freemasonry is inextricably tied to the city of Boston. George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, and John Hancock were all Boston Masons, as were Paul Revere and Joseph Warren, whose portraits are both featured in this mural.

Working closely with leaders of the Grand Masonic Lodge in Massachusetts, we created a trompe l’oeil mural showing the city of Boston during the early 19th century. This view is based on the hand-colored engraving of artist W.H. Bartlett. Beacon Hill with its gold domed State House and the Bunker Hill Monument.

We designed the painted arched window flanked by Ionic columns to center the composition, matching the room’s light source and cast shadows to integrate faux architecture with real interior moldings.

To the right and left are trompe l’oeil framed paintings that enrich the narrative. On the right is the early 19th century Masonic Temple that stood on the site of the current building. On the left is the original Bunker Hill Monument.

In addition to research, design, painting and installation of this mural on canvas, we also worked with artist Stephen Blossom, a master color consultant, to develop the room’s paint color palette, creating a room where the mural and walls harmonize into a rich ensemble.

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