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Classical Mural Painting

Cambridge MA

IMG_3999 copy

The home owners that commissioned this mural have a passion for French gardens and French Classical Landscape Painting. We looked closely at the work of the French artists Claude Lorrain and Nicolas Poussin, whose paintings create pastoral images of Arcadia. Joshua Winer traveled to Paris to see these artists’ masterworks in the Louvre Museum to gain detailed insight into this exacting style of painting.


These murals explore the longstanding tradition of decorating building entrances with a suite of murals that continues along the walls around a room, playing off the existing architecture. The color palette balances warm earth tones with cool greens of the foliage and airy blues of the skies. The ensemble creates an effect of the balance, harmony and order that is characteristic of Classical French landscape painting. 


Murals like this can be painted on canvas in the artist’s studio and then installed onto the walls with clay-based adhesive, or instead can be painted directly on site on the existing walls. 

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