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Sky Ceiling and Faux Marble Column

Chambre Louis XVI, Chateau Picomtal 

OCH -38

Trompe L'Oeil Decorative Painting Studios was commissioned by Chateau Picomtal to create painted decoration for the historic hotel's interior rooms, including guest bedrooms, the dining room, the living room, the entry hall, and the conference room. 

Our artists utilized the complete range of our decorative skills: trompe l'oeil; faux marble; woodgraining; murals; sky and clouds ceilings; stencils; architectural ornament; and grisaille. Our work included original designs as well as restoration painting and conservation. 

We commissioned artist Robert Moody Jr., Scenic Painting Charge for the Metropolitan Opera in New York, to create the sky ceiling for this grand building entry hall. Robert spent several days painting clouds in the Alps mountain landscape in preparation for his rendition of this majestic sky landscape with its swirling clouds. 

The ensemble is rich with color, texture, detail and ornament. We look forward to creating work like this for your building, whether it's a castle, a hotel, a restaurant or a home. 

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