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The S&S Restaurant Mural, Cambridge MA

Painted Peacock on Faux Cornice
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This ornamental peacock adds a splash of color and interest to the simple earth toned facade of this architectural mural - and makes the viewer look twice!

We designed and painted this mural onto the outside wall of the S&S Restaurant's entrance. The mural includes a hand painted time clock, portraits of the restaurant owner's family, and architectural details that match the front facade of the building. This mural is a local landmark in Inman's Square in Cambridge MA.

Joshua Winer, our studio's Owner and designer, collaborated with Cambridge architect Prellwitz Chilinski Architects on this project. The Boston Society of Architects recognized this achievement with a shared award for 'Successful Design Collaboration'. 


Whether you are thinking about a facade mural for your building, a decorative treatmant for an interior lobby, or a painted mural for your home, Trompe L'Oeil Decorative Painting Studios has the experience and talent to turn your dream into reality. 

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